“Everybody Deserves a Present” This has been our slogan since our foundation back in 1960. Yes, we have been in this business for 58 years. We are a company that follows the fashion trends and try to contribute by producing our own design and manufacturing. We are modern, we are new, we are fresh, we are trendy and we are jazzy. We want to make sure that everyone gets a gift. 

We are located in the cross roads of civilisations. At the heart of this cross road lies the Grand Bazaar. A unique place where for centuries travellers, came to buy goods, gifts, presents. It is the place where negotiations on handshakes are sealed with trust. The philosophical routes of our company are derived from the Grand Bazaar.   

Almost 60 years ago, three sisters who graduated from the Istanbul University’s Arts and Literature faculty became known as the “Golden Girls”. They formeda company which would produce thegifts that they believed everyone deserved. They incorporated traditional skillsand mixed it with new ideas and techniques. Bulak products are handmade in Turkey by women. The company hascontributed enormously to women’s economic empowerment. Inan age where automation has been the easiest of pathto followthey have made sure that theproducts remain handmade and where possible, madeby women.

In 1960, Bulak was the first company to open a 24 hour 7 day, 365 days a year shop at Istanbul Atatürk Airport. The shop holds the “Longest Serving Commercial Institution that has never shut its cash registers” record. The cash register has been open and the shop has been serving its customers for 58 years. 

In 1999, the company organized a business development trip to England, France and the United States to research the latest trends in the “gift market”. The research revealed an analysis about the availability of products, the market size, price, and production. After a careful analysis of the market Bulak Tourist Gifts Ltd. decided to invest in the production of Fridge Magnets in Turkey. The company commissioned an industrial engineer for the drawings and then patented the production process. We are the first fridge magnet manufacturer in Turkey. The company has received all necessary permits for the production, marketing and exporting the product.

Our Marketing network has extended all over Turkey’s most prominent museums and tourist destinations. We have marketed our products around the globe and have worked with first class companies to provide millions of travellers with their happy gifts. 

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Ataturk International Airport, International Departures, Yesilkoy, Istanbul, TURKEY

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